Tuesday, December 24, 2013


1-     Think big and write down your most 10 ideal situations for the year in all aspects of life. 
2- Plan each goal in an approachable way and estimate the time and effort that will take to reach your desirable goal. 
3- Suggest plan B and write down the challenges and how you can turn them into opportunities. Defeat your fear with practice, confidence and determination.
4- Look into your network – eliminate those who drag you down and focus on those who will push you forward toward achievement
5- Surround yourself with partners that appreciate your craft
6- See the end result in your mind. If you see it you will make it happen
7- Elevate your brand and your image. Most people ignore the quality of their brands. Don’t jeopardize it with unsuitable look. 
8- Organize your mind, surroundings, contacts and schedule. Your entire life will change
9- Save, invest and grow your financial strength by following a trend/schedule – save with each check you earn the same amount every time and place into an IRA account 
10- Believe and follow your dreams. Wake up every day with energy, hope and commitment to go through your day with optimistic spirit, award yourself with something daily for a great end of the day accomplishment no matter how challenged the day is. Eat well, exercise and sleep well. Give yourself time to think and thank.

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