Thursday, April 28, 2011

Don’t be a Guest on Earth

How do we leave a lasting impression and become a model of influence? What role can we play? There’s so much communication out there. All of the opinions and conversations floating around can be confusing and controversial at times. The more we listen, the more our heads spin.

But what really gets me —- what I am really annoyed with —- are all the freeloaders out there. So, I just had to say ENOUGH and write something about it. I can sort all the slackers that I’ve met into a few select categories. However for sakes of focus, I will dive into only the most critical.

The most offensive slackers are those individuals that are not motivated to do anything for change. They refuse to take action to correct the damage we inflict on our community and environment. They are typically ladder climbers who empower their egos and status. They have the financial strength that enable them to keep their bank accounts and they pass through life without doing anything significant with it or improve the lives of so many around them that are in need.

Whatever type of person you are, I strongly believe that everyone (and I do mean everyone) should be a productive member of society by always giving back to the world instead of just taking. Whether it is a grandparent who looks after their grandchildren after school or a wealthy investor giving opportunities to those less fortunate and small qualified business, it is a matter of principle and morality to be a productive member of society.

Don’t be idle! By all means enjoy yourself, but be useful. The generosity and kindness of helping society will be well worth it for generations to come. Don’t be a Charles Barkley and be a role model. I urge you to act for the common good. Empower causes and encourage those who are not just a guest on this earth. Voice your opinion and make an impact within your own means for social change and get involved to eliminate hunger, homelessness, illiteracy, poverty and abuse with all its faces.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Developing Effective Corporate and Non-profit Partnerships

Those who commit their lives to humanitarian causes are indeed deserving of such a title. They shine like stars in people’s darkest moments, providing hope, smiles, future and life.

I am excited to share with you the heart and soul of what Unique Image represents. A journey of determination, perseverance and making a difference in everything we touch.

Being rebellious myself and an advocate for human rights and social change, I can tell you first hand that my number one rule in life is that: never take anything for granted and never give up, no matter how difficult the road or path for success is or how high the mountain might seem to be. A philosophy I live by and instill in my professional environment and a characteristic I demand of my team to embrace this simple mantra: Will do, Can do and Want to attitude. Of course they should love me first, but that’s beside the point.

This is how we approach projects, seek partnerships, and develop collaboration. We simply do not take “No” or good enough as an answer but rather focus on core values for establishing successful results for our clients, relationships and the community.

To give you some background: Back in 1999, Unique Image initiated its corporate giving U&I Vision Program and devoted some of its gross profits to help non-profit organizations. We established effective corporate and non-profit partnerships that allowed us to focus on strategic partnerships and set the expectations with our potential partners. These are key elements for a successful working relationship.

For us to ensure the success of the program, we partnered with non-profit organizations so we can provide them with the value and end results of our services. Unique Image provided turnkey solutions to a roster of 100 non-profits who benefited from our diverse services. We were able to use our resources to deliver some of the most successful campaigns from those who partnered with us. A testimonial for the importance of the value and resource development that we bring that can sustain you overtime.

How did we do it?

We use our expertise and knowledge and craft innovative campaigns for our selective clients. We ask questions, we set goals and expectations, and we draft a road map and strategy for sponsorship partnerships and the size of our immediate benefits and values. The results are to develop a strong brand that carries our clients throughout their entire journey.

When we partner with non-profit organizations to develop their humanitarian campaigns, we look into their challenges and previous successes; their outreach programs and their strategic goals. Most of the time, these non profits have not devoted energy, money or resources to build their brand in the community or spread awareness of their mission throughout their geographic and demographic target audience.

Our work to assess, evaluate and draft a cohesive focused strategy will then begin and not only have we helped our clients with fund raising and awareness but:

* we raised their brand
* standards
* image
* their name
* their reach
* and most importantly, we bring the whole community together to help them reach their goals.

Effective collaboration and communications begin with social responsibilities, identifying problems and having open and honest discussions about them. Agree on shared goals. When business needs intersect with a non-profit’s mission, cross sector collaboration can be a powerful tool for change. We use our creative with our approach and cause-related marketing and joint programs.

And sometimes with our client permission, we take a leadership role to deliver successful results.

Of course, when you carry persistence, position the foundation with a strong brand, it pays off.

That isn’t enough, we go beyond.

Taking on challenging tasks are our best quality and most rewarding journeys we take pride in.

As a valued partner, what can we do to help you build a strong brand?

1- Differentiate yourself from the rest.

2- Develop a clear brand and message

3- Create collaborations that help you gain resources and visibility

4- Focus on strategic partnerships that share common values or interests

5- Research, assess, and evaluate who you are, what you stand for, what you want and how you wish to achieve your goals.

6- Keep you with recent trends and updates that are pertinent to your mission.

7- Tell your story. Once you’ve identified your targets, will stay in front of them.

8- The benefit of having an expert to help you through the process.

It doesn’t matter how small or large your organization is right now. The largest olive trees were once little seeds. Be the seed that can grow with the energy of people that care.

Partners must help you water your seed and maintain it, so you can harvest the fruits of your labor. Like a breath of air, we consider ourselves the change that can breathe new energies into your environment and make you powerful to stand against the winds.

Are you the next corporation with commitment to implement a strong and powerful citizenship program? Are you the next non-profit ready to climb the brand latter? If so we look forward to our business partnership!