Sunday, December 20, 2009

THE Emerging Market and New Media

In the race to capture and hold brand loyalty among ethnic markets, the affluent Middle Eastern-American market has proven elusive. Does a strategic, open door exist to access this valued group?

ALO Hayati Magazine has become a trusted and worthy resource for this traditionally hard to reach market – the fastest growing in the U.S. The readership of the upscale lifestyle publication stands at 1.2 million and is rapidly growing. Since I founded the quarterly publication in 2005, it has offered a daring and informational style conducive to the group’s heavy consumers.

In short, ALO Hayati is the central watering hole for Middle-Eastern American communities throughout the United States.

Even better news: ALO Hayati has recently captured shelf space at top bookstores, outlets and newsstands nationwide. This includes in-flight and VIP clubroom distribution on these prestigious airlines such as Delta and Kuwait Airlines.

I invite you to partner with us to learn more of this market – its tastes, cultural ethics, etiquette, protocol and buying patterns. I am extremely well connected within Middle Eastern-American communities, and would be happy to share my knowledge about developing quality, loyal relationships in these circles.

Born in Lebanon, I moved to the United States in 1990 and founded Unique Image, Inc. an integrated brand marketing and print media solutions agency that serves top Fortune 500 corporations. I have since led annual delegations to the Middle East, including Dubai, Jordan, Oman, Lebanon and Egypt and resulted in the first ever US-Syria Press and philanthropic Delegation in October 2009.

Within Unique Image and ALO Hayati circles, there is a wealth of information and resources I know we can all benefit from. I welcome the chance to start a conversation with you, which I know will be to our mutual benefit.