Saturday, September 10, 2011

A Tribute to World Peace

An act of violence will never break the spirit of survivors - a tribute to world peace

From the ashes, we rise for freedom

Freedom from violence, war, deception and prejudice of that man makes

We hold hands, united in honor of those who sacrificed themselves to build our heavenly future

We learn as we beat the silence of death knocking on our doors

We are the voice for life

Streets are screaming for youth and laughter changes the sound of ashes dancing with the winds

Remembering, windows are clapping from victorious massacre, eyes bleeding from tears racing to heal the wounds of our neighbors

Ghosts looking for fine skeletons to shape its desperate naked bodies

Dressing them with joy and sincerity, shouting for paparazzi with no fear

Nothing…nothing can break the souls pledging for peace and for the first time


There from far, a symphonic war zone you hear, a musical of the criminal mind we fear to encounter

Stand by me, there’s a secret among the innocence: humanity will never surrender

We will rise as believers

One global citizenship

With the rainbow of the togetherness, stronger than ever

From the ashes

We rise above those who's evil.