Thursday, September 23, 2010

Agency Breaks New Ground In Cultural Expression Marketing

The leaders in cultural expression and ethnic marketing, Unique Image, Inc., expanded their Cultural Expression Marketing division designed to help corporations target the 500 billion dollars of spending power that their demographic delivers.

Currently, the Middle Eastern market in the United States is experiencing its most important socio-demographic shift since its emergence as a powerful and distinct U.S. market segment. This shift has become evident in the marketplace as the Middle Eastern “generational crossover” takes place. Understanding the market is essential, but understanding cultural differences and tastes is vital to succeeding in new markets. Through its vast experience, Unique Image, Inc. explores the generational differences among Middle Eastern immigrants and their U.S.- born descendants and what their differences mean for marketers of all kinds of products and services, government agencies and for non-profit organizations.

By 2016, it will be a different market altogether; the majority of Middle Easterners aged 20 to 29, will be born in the United States and will be well acquainted with U.S. culture. This will be a dramatic change for the Middle Eastern community. Unique Image, Inc.’s President, Wafa Kanan states, “these consumers are very often born to at least one parent who is foreign born and they are straddling two cultures! Communicating, selling, providing services to them, etc., will be nothing like the past two decades.”

Wafa Kanan, an international brand specialist, is recognized as the creator of the “In-culture” marketing approach. Through her vision, Unique Image, Inc. has published ALO Hayati for five years. Despite a failing economy that has rocked the publishing industry, the magazine continues to increase visibility, readership and subscriptions. ALO is the primary portal for the fastest growing community in the U.S. “There has never been a publication that brings such diverse communities together to overcome barriers between nations,” states Kanan.

ALO has forged a new path for the Middle Eastern culture, as other now established ethnic publications have done for their demographics. The rich culture and positive influence of the Middle East is becoming more widely known. Middle Eastern-Americans have greatly contributed to the U.S. economy and to stakeholders of major corporations worldwide. Awareness of this achievement requires open communication, which ALO represents.

With the evolution of the Cultural Expression Marketing division, Unique Image, Inc. now offers this expertise to an expanded client base. By continually defining, exploring and developing new markets among diverse cultures, they’ve become the widely recognized global outreach specialist and intercultural liaison.