Sunday, August 7, 2011

Why the silence?

At times, listening to the news or reading some of the hundreds of news releases in my inbox brings out the best in me; other times it makes me laugh at the reality of life and current affairs.

Seldom do I devote my time to the pundits, critics and anchors of today’s media world. Today was different. Today, it inspired “activist mode” in the fire of my belly. The fire inside that I choose to bury most of the time.

I’ve had my fill of all the “go-to” sources: CNN, BBC, Al Jazeera, FoxNews, MSNBC and Sky News. As I observed the dialogue and communication that kept spreading around me, I wondered about the genuine intention of the speakers and their state of mind about their perception of their listeners. Do they really think people are that stupid?

When speaking of democracy, my appreciation for opinionated people grows every day. But, there’s a difference now. They are twisting the meaning of democracy. I find it disturbing to hear some of these political commentaries injecting poison in our daily life and burden my ear with talk of death, destruction, encouraging words of government overthrows and anarchy. I know I can switch the channel and chose my own desired entertainment to enjoy, but today I cannot keep the silence.

As a matter of fact, I refuse to keep silent.

Politics and religion, these are two of the world’s most intriguing, sophisticated and complicated disciplines that have ever existed. They are at once an effective climate and the fasted way to cause trouble between people and countries. They have never mixed properly and now our leaders – pushed by the world’s media – have taken us to the point of no return.

Looking from my own microscope, I find it amusing that we to chose to rally around democracy and our allies to empower our own interests and profit. We are extremely selective about when it is appropriate to bring morality and ethics into play. It seems that we are very ethical to step in when there is an oil well around the corner or a strategic country near a prime landing area for planes and weapons. When it is not in such a lucky area or the bullied doesn’t meet our exact way of thinking, we throw human rights down the drain.

Pealing back the top few layers of the onion, I wonder, for example…

…Why we view Saudi Arabia differently than Iran?

…Why we treat Israel different than Palestine?

…Why we take sides against one party of the Lebanese government knowing that this stance will keep the country in disability mode?

...Why we view Britain – a country known for millenniums as one of the most oppressive, corrupted and destructive empires in the world – as a cultured and civilized nation?

…Why history is forgotten when it is convenient and profitable.

We take a pride in our religious freedom. We each celebrate a private relationship with God. Yet we go to war to impose our religious will on other countries. We feel that we need balance all over the world instead of choosing our allies to suit right and wrong, ethics and morality. We seem to be in a mission to convert thy neighbor. We’ve become missionary activists to show others the path for what to believe in and how to believe. Witnessing religion as a subject of segregation and hatred is a shameful act.

We have challenged our creator since the beginning and instead of learning from our past mistakes we remain unappreciative of the Earth that we are responsible for its caretaking. War and the greed of men are leading us to the crisis of mankind. We must take a very close look at democracy, its leaders, our politicians and religious figures. We have a voice, so instead of being sheep shepherded blindly behind them, we need to play a major role to bring back responsibilities. We should hire only those that will be disciplined to our Mother Earth and to the morality of living a pure life.

My solution is simple:

-Demand respect and transparency from your leaders;

-Question the authority if it is not placed for the best interest of all;

-Ask for change in the economic and political environment;

-Speak up and don’t be silent. Never jeopardize your principles for profit;

-Stop segregating in groups and become a world citizen;

-Do not judge others with guilt by association;

Do it for the sake of humanity. The ancient game of thrones shall never find its way back to our 21st century and if so, we are doomed to infinity.

Humanity has no nationality. I pledge my support to this motto of being. Do you pledge yours?

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