Thursday, April 28, 2011

Don’t be a Guest on Earth

How do we leave a lasting impression and become a model of influence? What role can we play? There’s so much communication out there. All of the opinions and conversations floating around can be confusing and controversial at times. The more we listen, the more our heads spin.

But what really gets me —- what I am really annoyed with —- are all the freeloaders out there. So, I just had to say ENOUGH and write something about it. I can sort all the slackers that I’ve met into a few select categories. However for sakes of focus, I will dive into only the most critical.

The most offensive slackers are those individuals that are not motivated to do anything for change. They refuse to take action to correct the damage we inflict on our community and environment. They are typically ladder climbers who empower their egos and status. They have the financial strength that enable them to keep their bank accounts and they pass through life without doing anything significant with it or improve the lives of so many around them that are in need.

Whatever type of person you are, I strongly believe that everyone (and I do mean everyone) should be a productive member of society by always giving back to the world instead of just taking. Whether it is a grandparent who looks after their grandchildren after school or a wealthy investor giving opportunities to those less fortunate and small qualified business, it is a matter of principle and morality to be a productive member of society.

Don’t be idle! By all means enjoy yourself, but be useful. The generosity and kindness of helping society will be well worth it for generations to come. Don’t be a Charles Barkley and be a role model. I urge you to act for the common good. Empower causes and encourage those who are not just a guest on this earth. Voice your opinion and make an impact within your own means for social change and get involved to eliminate hunger, homelessness, illiteracy, poverty and abuse with all its faces.

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